Tuesday, 6 May 2014

LI 2014 Part Two: Marketing for Non-Profits

Forgive the delay in posting part deux of my NOLA experience!

I was busy completing a certificate in Gamification via Coursera!  More on this later.

Here are the highlights from the marketing sessions from the International Association of Business Communicators Leadership Institute - IABC LI - in New Orleans, Lousiana as promised!

Marketing Made Simple
Marketing communications is so dynamic and multi-faceted!  It is likely that any non-profit that thrives on membership can benefit from considering any permutation of these marketing tips.  Save this check list for creative ideas on promoting your events!

  1. Have a generic sponsorship proposal on your website.  Use it to outline the types of benefits your association's basic activities can provide.  These include conference branding, display booths, product presentations to your members, etc.

  2. Use your database as a fundraising tool or research group.  Companies are sure to be willing to pay to reach your target audience.  Never give that list away!

  3. Brand all of your tweets, posts and updates by combining links, text and graphics to create a pictorial display of your content.  This also ensures your content ranks high on Facebook based on their new algorithms compared to text-only posts.  These high-resolution fliers also come in handy for email marketing, newspaper ads and other marketing efforts.

  4. Sell ad space on your website to partners, members and other interested but complementary entities.  This is a great way to raise revenue and build relationships with future sponsors.  Reciprocal links are also a great way to generate web traffic and to promote your events.

  5. Ask your members to re-post your information on their various channels, personal and business if possible.  This is sometimes the closest thing to going viral and easily multiplies your reach.

  6. Offer companies the chance to sponsor display areas at your event.  This could also include display boards around your catering area, branding of your lectern or head table.

  7. Start a green committee or hold a marketing communications support for green services event and invite partnership from green and sustainable-minded companies.  This is a burgeoning sector with access to much grant funding that could include marketing and sponsorship of your events.

  8. Sell advertising spots in your newsletter.  Pricing need not be exorbitant   Advertisers need only to be satisfied that they are getting value for money.

  9.  Offer sponsors the opportunity to offer door prizes in exchange for investing in your event.

  10. Create event themes tying into sponsors products or services.

  11. Include advertising spots in PowerPoints made available during and after your event.  Agree with speakers that a blank slide will be included before their presentation to facilitate placement of sponsor marketing messages.

  12. Price event elements separately such as with or without dinner to increase residual revenue.

  13. Keep photos of your most successful events including images of full rooms; lists of companies represented at your events; percentage of senior vs. junior level participants; etc.  Potential sponsors will be able to use this information to justify short and longer-term partnerships.

  14. Sponsor a student to attend an event as a means of acquiring additional public relations exposure.  Invite sponsors to donate tickets to students as a way to obtain further benefits from their alliance with your organization and its event.

  15. Create a matrix to monitor sponsor benefits and be sure to assign someone to meet and greet sponsors and answer their questions and concerns. 

  16. Offer sponsors the opportunity to welcome your guests.  Their representatives could wear sashes so their affiliation is easily identified.
That's it for LI.

I'd be happy to hear your comments below!